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cherry juice, thai food and bday

 Tues was the boyfriends 45th bday. Being the extremely poor person that I am I could not afford to buy a gift, or take him out to eat. So I asked him what he would like for dinner. Getting him to make a choice was almost like pulling teeth. Finally Monday evening, when it was too late to go shopping for ingredients he decided he wanted cherry pie instead of cake. I had never made a cherry pie before, but I have made apple pies and I have an amazing pie crust recipe. So I figured "how hard can it be?" I still hadn't been able to pin him down on a dinner yet but I had a pie to plan for. So about 9pm I got online to look up recipes and found this one that used tapioca as the thickening agent for the filling. I decided to go with it. 

2lbs fresh cherries
1 c sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp almond extract
1/8 tsp salt
4 Tbsp quick cooking tapioca

mix it all. let it set for 20 min while you make your crust, fill and bake for 40 min. First mistake I made was not being able to make the pie a day in advance, or atleast early in the morning. It had a great taste, but was soupy when we went to eat it. 
I believe I will use the recipe again someday, but I do think I need more time to prepare. Wish the boyfriend would have told me earlier. I do not really like last minute preparations.
As for the dinner itself. Since the birthday boy would not tell me what he wanted me to cook, I started searching online for his favorite thai food recipe. Pork Basil Fried Rice. I found a great recipe here http://www.thaifoodtonight.com/thaifoodtonight/recipes-YOUTUBEBasilFriedRice.htm 
finding the chilies and sauces for the recipe were the hardest part. But if you are a fan of thai food, I recommend this site. Just watch the video on the link. It was very easy to prepare, and I figure you can up or lower the chili content to adjust the heat of your food. 
Over all I believe the dinner went well, REALLY wish I would have had more time to prepare. 
On a really good note, I get to pick up my beautiful little girl tomorrow night. I cannot wait. I miss her so much. 


November 2013

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