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WooHoo! it's friday night and I get to stay home, eat yummy left overs, read, sew, watch tv, or nothing if I want! it has been so long since i just sat here in my comfy stretch clothes and loaf! it's exciting :-)

So let me catch up on a few things, my last post... sorry to have exposed you all to all of that, it was a really hard thing for me, but an amazing evening came from it. All of the first cousins and their children spent the night at Santa Monica pier. All of us who loved our Auntie so much, celebrated with our kids. It was the perfect way to spend the evening. We ran from the waves together on the shore, got on roller coasters, watched a seal swim and beg for food, dig our toes in the sand, but most important of all, we all laughed and smiled and loved one another. I am so happy to have had that experience, I am so over joyed that my daughter and all of her cousins got to meet each other. My daughter is always so amazed by the size of our immense family. She loves, loves, loves it! And of course she wants to move back to California... crazy kid.

After the whirlwind day and a half trip to Cali, we flew back into stl, where the most awesome boyfriend picked us up and we drove down to Memphis on our way to Gulf Wars. Man was I beat by the time we got to Memphis. Sleeping in that hotel bed was a godsend. Almost felt like the best nights sleep ever! 

Gulf was awesome as always, I had some absolutely wonderful water-bearers who came out and worked their tails off to water our fighters. My daughter went to her first foreign war.She absolutely adored it! Every moment! although at first she was worried about meeting other kids. But eventually if I couldn't find her i know she must be with the triplets. They were such funny little girls. She also spent a good amount of her time at scribes point. Even taking a few classes. 
I absolutely love being the girlfriend at war, :-D :-D :-D, I know, it can be sickening if you are not into that type of stuff. We hosted the first annual "BACONISTA" under our shade fly! Over 30 lbs of bacon: bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers, bacon wrapped asparagus, bacon wrapped melon, bacon wrapped smoked oysters, bacon wrapped chicken livers, bananas fried in bacon grease, bacon toast, ... and I can't even think of what else. It was quite the event, we had 6 burners going, four cooks, people serving in the pavilion. It was truly amazing. I think we broke Calontir, for the evening, on bacon... Apparently we are supposed to do this again next year. I say it sounds like an awesome plan! 
One night during Gulf, Calontir went up to Amahala and represented! It is so fun to invade the middle eastern tent with our period dancing styles, and our period garb! we rock! our hips that is. I think what I found the most fun about it, is that I finally have period Persian garb, and I am getting a lot more comfortable with my dancing. Not being so shy about who is watching me, or if i'm doing it right. That's the good thing about going to classes throughout the year. 
So, on Thurs of Gulf the boyfriend had to go back to MO for drill. I did still have fun, but it was just not the same. So as soon as battles were over on Sat, Duncan and I started to pack up. I had not prepacked anything the day before, nor had Duncan, so it took us for freaken ever to get packed up. Then Duncan decided he wanted to drive straight home, then proceeded to not be able to stay focused on driving. Boy was that a long night.
Then I was home, it was over, what a whirlwind that whole week and a half were. I can tell you that I will never actually plan a trip to Cali and Gulf Wars consecutively. Back to school for both Heaven and I. Back to homework and house cleaning. Fun, fun, fun...


I'm so glad things went well! I will have to pick your brain sometime soon about details of the waterbearing. :)

November 2013

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