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middle school blues and some good too

Warning this is a long post, I do not know how to cut some of it off like some of you do. Sorry...

So last night my daughter was really depressed, doing the average teenager thing that I used to do when I was feeling blue.
Sigh... plop on the couch...sigh...plop on the pillow. I'm fine... sigh...
Finally after a bit of probing I got her to talk. She had such a bad day yesterday. As she was walking to the school bus, a kid yelled "french horn, ugly face" out the window at her. Then during band, a boy she had a crush on last year.
Same boy she cried her eyes out over for the first time. Told her that she sucked at playing the french horn.

These extra sensitive teenage years are getting difficult. I think they are going to break me. It is so hard to not go to these other kids and give them a big what for. grr... it is frustrating.

Then we started talking about how she should start practicing a little more, just to brush up from not practicing all summer, this way she could gain her confidence back. I told her she should practice 20 mins a day for the next few weeks. It would also be good since she got a new french horn this year that has an additional key, so she will need to learn how to work with it.
She told me that it was hard for her to practice at her dad's house, that she feels like she is being too loud. That it is hard for her to tell her step bro and sis that she needs to study, that she is the only one there with them most of the time.

This made me step back and wonder, she is there to visit with her dad. Not to babysit for him and his wife. She should be allowed to study while she is there, her education is most important. I told her that she needs to tell them that she needs to study and practice. I am planning on calling her step mom (since I do not speak to her dad) and asking her to please set aside time for Heaven to study. We will see how that works.

Ok, well enough talking about that, in other news the boyfriend comes home on Sunday, I will be so very happy to see him, he has been gone for 2 weeks for training.
This next week I finally get caught up on bills. This has been the summer of all work and no play. I already have every weekend in september booked and October is nearly full as well. I am ready for it! I need to play, I cannot wait.

Also I am soon starting a new project: outfitting the boyfriend and all of his squires in household, fighting garb. For those of you who have seen the gambison I made for Dongal last year, or have ever seen his arms, you know it is covered in ermine spots and very, um, shall we say "noticable" in fact you can find him across a fighting field no problem. Well we are talking about covering all of his squires in the arms as well. A party colored half his arms/half theirs, crusader thing. This should be fun. I will post pics and keep you all updated on the process. This project is the reason I did not sign up for the artisan swap this time around.
I believe once it is all complete I might make myself a matching bliaut... we shall see what comes of it.
Ok I guess I should get back to work.


November 2013

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